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Top of $1900 twice at Narranmore

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Milling Stuart auctioneer Jamie Stuart, Dunedoo with vendor Christine O’Leary, Narranmore Poll Dorsets, Elong Elong and equal top price buyer Ian Stevenson, “Pilcabutta”, Coolah.POLL Dorset rams reached a top of $1900 twice at Christine and Ian O’Leary’s Narranmore Poll Dorset sale at Elong Elong on Friday.
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All 66 rams offered were sold with long-time clients returning to buy their annual selection. The rams averaged $1343.

Repeat client Ian Stevenson, “Pilcabutta”, Coolah, was the first to reach the top price of $1900 early in the sale for a 118-kilogram ram.

John Hunter and Robert Naef, bidding on behalf of Paul McGirr, Wongaboori Station, Mendooran took home the second ram to reach the top price, a 112-kilogram ram.

Milling Stuart auctioneer Angus Stuart, Dunedoo said the line of rams on offer were very even.

“It’s a really good, even line of rams and we’re happy with a total clearance – it’s a great result.”

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Sungold Field Days gets even better

07.22.2019, Comments Off on Sungold Field Days gets even better, 苏州美甲美睫培训学校, by .

Sungold Field Days chairman Tony Rea says this year’s expo will have an even broader appeal.THE biggest Sungold Field Days in the event’s 34-year history will offer new additions and old favourites this week.
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From Wednesday to Friday the Allansford field days site will be packed with a record number of exhibitors that is expected to top 500.

About 50 of those will be attending the event for the first time.

Field days chairman Tony Rea said the event would be the biggest yet.

“We have a wonderful line-up of exhibitors who will all be eager to show their wares and to offer deals with the wider community of south-west Victoria,” Mr Rea said.

Along with the exhibitors will be an exciting line-up of entertainment, headlined by the high-octane fun of the Whip Industries motorbike team.

Four world-class riders will launch their Kawasaki KLX110L bikes into the air using purpose-built jump ramps and perform three choreographed shows over each of the field days.

The Cook and the Chef’s Simon Bryant will be another big name star.

The Adelaide-based chef will host cooking demonstations in the Cheese World marquee among the niche stall exhibitors.

The animal nursery will make a welcome return, as will helicopter flights.

The ever-popular vintage car, tractor and truck procession will showcase more than 20 vehicles and the entertaining GMHBA Farmers Challenge will put teams’ rural skills to the test on Thursday.

Live music will be hosted in the food court area, headlined by Benny Walker on Wednesday and Lloyd Spiegel on Friday.

Local talents Kayla Dwyer and Mitch Crute and Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Liz Stringer will also perform.

“We’ve had some good entertainment over the time,” Mr Rea said.

“We’ve tried to have something that would appeal to most people. We’ve always tried to cater for the ladies as well to have the indoor marquees, arts and craft and handcrafts and homemade jams and rhubarb.”

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Labor to bring back drought declarations

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NSW Labor leader Luke Foley has announced a new drought policy.NSW LABOR has pledged to reintroduce drought declarations and transport subsidies for stock and fodder.
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The new policy, announced over the weekend and in the lead-up to the March 28 State election, followed the Coalition’s $300 million drought funding package last week.

Labor’s subsidies would cover up to 50 per cent of stock, fodder and transport costs to a maximum of $20,000 a year for farmers in drought for nine months or more

Opposition leader Luke Foley made the announcement which he said delivered ” practical drought assistance” to help farmers get through the tough times.

“Farmers have one of the toughest jobs in our community, not only do they have to feed their own families but they work tirelessly to provide food for the rest of us as well – a responsibility that can become overwhelming in the depths of a devastating drought,” Mr Foley said.

“I believe it’s our communal obligation to support our farmers and farming communities when the rains fall to come.”

Other elements of the policy included $1.5 million to double the number of Rural Support Workers and and extra $20 million for water infrastructure grants.

Labor would also lobby the Federal Government to relax eligibility criteria for income support.

Labor’s spokesman for Primary Industries Steve Whan said it was crucial that the drought declaration system was reinstated so that government and the community had a real sense of who needed assistance and can get on with the job of providing it.

“This subsidy will assist in the cost of the transport of cattle fodder/or water to a property, stock to and from agistment and stock to sale or slaughter,” he said.

“The subsidy scheme recognises that farmers will take action to be drought-ready but even the best plans and preparations will not be enough to get through prolonged drought conditions. “Providing a subsidy gives farmers the ability to maintain their stock and recover quickly when the drought finally breaks.”

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Farmers are caught in Gunns trap

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Retired Northern Midlands farmer David Gatenby says landowners are sick of waiting for an outcome on land leased to collapsed timber giant Gunns. Photo: NEIL RICHARDSONALMOST two and a half years after Gunns collapsed, up to 300 Tasmanian farmers who leased land to the timber giant are still waiting to be paid.
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Farmers who entered agreements to have plantation trees grown on their land have lost between $16 million and $20 million a year in unpaid rent owed by Gunns, and remain unable to claim their land back.

The agreements were known as managed investment schemes. The land is owned by the farmers, but the trees belong to investors.

Unsure who now owns the trees, many of the plantations have been left unmanaged. The quality of the timber has been steadily declining, and farmers have been losing out in more ways than one.

Campbell Town farmer David Gatenby said farmers were sick of waiting for an outcome.

‘‘I’ve heard nothing really for two or three months,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m not quite sure how the court proceedings are going. PPB Advisory … they are the liquidators, they represent both the landowners and the investors, and it’s time they sorted it out.

‘‘We’re halfway through the third year, and it’s extremely frustrating because we were being paid rent before all this fell over, and the rent has just disappeared.’’

Farmers had believed that their contracts protected them with a clause reverting ownership of the trees to the landowners if no rent was received for 60 days, but this clause has been challenged by investors.

Mr Gatenby said farmers had been given the option to buy the trees in order to get their land back, but doing so would result in a forfeiture of rights to any future court settlement.

‘‘I don’t know what percentage have actually bought their trees. We’re sitting and waiting for a court decision,’’ he said.

‘‘We’ve got all these trees sitting on our land, and no one can tell us who actually owns them at this stage until a court decision is made.

‘‘We basically can’t touch them, we can’t prune them, we’re having people come and shoot of course, but the whole system has broken right down and no one’s got any clear direction with it all.’’

The lost rent payments have been a significant blow to farmers, some of whom had planned their retirements from the money.

Some farmers have also been forced to spend money on the plantations, some of which have not been maintained since Gunns’ collapse.

Mr Gatenby said the plantations could be a fire hazard if they were not managed.

‘‘We manage the farm around leasing these trees to Gunns, we’ve put infrastructure and we’ve put dams, and now there’s no money, so there’s a fair bit of stress, a huge amount of stress,’’ he said.

‘‘It needs managing, with fires and pests, insects and all those sorts of things, game of course needs to be managed, but if we don’t own the trees, why should we manage them?

‘‘I know some farmers that have actually sprayed for the insects, not so much in the pines but the eucalypts, and that’s a cost to them, but still they don’t know whether they own the trees or not.’’

Mr Gatenby said he was also losing money by being unable to run cattle on the plantation land, which would net roughly $10,000 a year.

Whatever happens with the plantations, farmers are hoping for an end to the uncertainty sooner rather than later.

‘‘The government has gone very quiet on this. I know it’s a private enterprise deal, but farmers are losing $20 million a year and we’re into the third year now, so it runs into big dollars, and they should be concerned about it,’’ Mr Gatenby said.

‘‘Probably the best case scenario would be that tomorrow the trees reverted to us. In an ideal world, some form of lease payment would be fantastic, but that’s not going to happen.

‘‘The longer it goes, the more money is spent in the court system. There is going to be less for farmers and investors in the long term. We want it resolved.’’

PPB Advisory did not respond to requests for comment.

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Ararat wind farm to supply power to ACT

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A planned wind farm for Ararat will go ahead after government backing.A PLANNED Ararat wind farm will go ahead after the Australian Capital Territory government announced it would power Canberra with energy from the Wimmera.
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The future of RES Australia’s Ararat wind farm had been uncertain with a Federal Government review of the Renewable Energy Target and construction on hold.

The 20-year feed-in tariff will mean a significant portion of the wind farm’s total output will be contracted to the ACT.

Ararat is one of three wind farms that will provide 33 per cent of Canberra’s electricity.

RES Australia chief executive Matt Rebbeck said there would now be significant long-term investor security. He said construction would start later this year.

‘‘RES is very excited to be selected by the ACT for the feed-in tariff,’’ he said.

‘‘The award of the feed-in tariff clearly proves the Ararat wind farm is an excellent and highly competitive project and will provide the ACT with long-term, value-for-money renewable electricity.

‘‘The ACT feed-in tariff provides the cornerstone required to give certainty to investors and allow us to progress the project.’’

Ararat Mayor Paul Hooper said the announcement was great for the municipality.

‘‘There’s still the hurdle of RES locking down finance to build the thing, but with a guaranteed market, we’re optimistic we’re a lot closer than we were,’’ he said.

He said RES would be the municipality’s biggest ratepayer, allowing council to improve services without increasing rates.

‘‘RES provides on-farm income for the farmers who host the towers,’’ he said.

‘‘It will be contributing $75,000 a year in community grants for clubs and organisations and that is an enormous spin-off in building it.’’

Cr Hooper said there would be major employment opportunities and economic development in the municipality.

He said proposed wind farms in neighbouring shires would still need certainty from the Renewable Energy Target review to proceed.

‘‘There were four wind farms at risk because of the uncertainty of the RET,’’ he said.

‘‘Pyrenees has two, we have one and Northern Grampians has one, with a combined investment of nearly $1.7 billion.

‘‘The certainty in regards to the Renewable Energy Target is a significant road block to progressing these endeavours.’’

Cr Hooper said the government, the opposition and the Clean Energy Council were negotiating about the future of the target.

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